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Sherlocked Psych

inkings of a Sherlocked psychology geek

23 November
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This is just a fandom journal for BBC's Sherlock, mostly for participating in communities.

Not terribly much interesting going to happen here. Some fanfiction and drabbles. The occasional psychology-related rant (my educational and occupational background is in psychology). Sherlock-inspired introspection and analyzing. The usual.

I haven't been this obsessed with a piece of fiction since I was in high school. I am happily, gloriously lost to BBC's Sherlock; it's helped renew my passion for writing and for fiction. I haven't gotten involved in fandom since high school.

I personally think Sherlock is a sapioromantic asexual. I ship Sherlock and Watson as a romantic friendship, but devour any well-written John/Sherlock fanfic (angsty, adult, hurt/comfort, or otherwise) with delight nonetheless. I enjoy any ship or situation if it's well-written enough to make it believable in the context of that fic, even if I don't necessarily subscribe to it.

I gravitate towards anything angsty, hurt/comfort, capture/torture/rescue/recovery, asexual!Sherlock, and romantic friendships. I'll read other stuff but I actively seek out the above subjects.

Really, the only fandom-related things I get annoyed with are abuses of and clear misunderstandings of psychology. Next person who says Sherlock can't possibly be a sociopath because he's capable of emotion gets a spork to the face.